SB-7 Spirit Box And Why It Should Not Be Used

Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon is everywhere. As more and more people decide to start investigating the unknown, the latest and greatest gadgets are usually whats being used.

People blindly follow what is seen on TV, and they too want to use the same equipment. Take for example the simple and easy SB- 7 Spirit Box. The idea of simply scanning through the radio stations at a fast enough pace will of course make it impossible to get anything other than spirits speaking. If a voice carries through multiple stations then it must be paranormal and therefore real.

Here is the obvious problem that arises with using such a device. There will almost always be radio stations in an area where it is being used. This means there will always be interference, and people wanting to believe will mistake any sounds as something paranormal. Like the Ovilus, the SB-7 Spirit Box doesn't really deliver anything but a good show.

People unfamiliar to how EVPs were first captured will think this is the only way it works. The first EVPs were simply found using a recording device, and gradually moved on to different medias such as TVs, handheld recorders, camcorders, etc. Tube Televisions were used and left on stations that were nothing but white noise.

Certain areas of paranormal research can be best benefited by leaving it with these devices, and forgoing fads like the SB-7 Spirit Box. Instead of tuning through radio stations and having to decipher if it was real or a station, why not find a radio and just leave it on the same station that is nothing but white noise? No deciphering needed, and you'll be $90 richer.

roy weedmark

Paranormal Researcher, Tech Manager for the COPS CREW. Roy Weedmark is the owner of discover new worlds, and the author of paranormal blog

Science Vs. Religion in The Paranormal

The argument between different views in the paranormal is ever raging. This scourge plagues the paranormal field and driving huge wedges between investigators and clients. 

Usually people are on one side or another before even entering the field of paranormal research (ghost hunting to some), and the bias thrives and can influence views and processes of investigation. Even within the confines of the same group members can argue and never see eye to eye. This can influence the outcome of any kind of research, ghost hunting, or private investigation.

True research can not be accomplished in the paranormal as scientific groups may agree, or religious groups may agree but both groups will never agree. As Parapsychology may make advances and 'prove' ghosts and spirits are nothing but a product of the human mind, those of the religious view would not except this proof. To accept this proof would be to almost say there is no soul, and in turn possibly no god? What if religious groups proved the existence of god? 

Results of such research will affect the way people look at religion and possibly shake people's beliefs.  Hence the governments excuse not to disclose the existence of aliens!

In today's paranormal, the use of 'mediums' is ever growing and can add yet another view to compete with. Most of these people consider religious as they usually subscribe to one religion or another. Scientific, or Skeptics will usually not believe in this view and be somewhat always at odds with mediums. 

As much as people would like to say that they walk into the cases with open minds and neutral beliefs, in their mind the battle is still being waged. Believer, Skeptic, Religious, Scientific, doesn't matter which way someone thinks it will always affect the way someone investigates. 

Without an agreed upon approach by all groups, this unfortunately will result in paranormal research not evolving passed it's present pseudo science state. 

Can Hunting Ghosts Kill You?

Everyone wants to investigate the oldest parts of town, the parts that have been standing since the 1800's. Teams flock to the old mental institutions like wild fire. Some investigate such locations on a normal basis. But can hunting ghosts in these places kill?

Once inside many investigators are so excited that they run off to set up equipment. Yes these old buildings are usually not in the best shape. Investigators must be careful to watch for open holes and things that can fall. Usually property owners have waivers that need to be signed in case someone is to fall and break a leg. 

What can kill you is the unseen..Ghosts? No, not really. (You should always watch paranormal horror movies before going by the way. You keep thinking you're going to get dragged off). Ever seen Ghost Adventures where Zak Bagans wears a respirator during an investigation? It's whats in the walls, the ceiling tiles, and on the floor that can kill. This is including Asbestos, and Black Mold. Anyone unfamiliar with Asbestos can look it up online. Its important anyone have lung issues to be aware of this before entering and take the proper precautions. 

Investigators have gotten sick and even died from not taking the proper precautions. 

Electromagnetic Fog..The Truth about EMF

We live in a world full of the best conveniences TV, cars, radio, microwave ovens, internet, WiFi, cell phones. The good thing is that we have very easy and entertaining lives due to the huge advances in technology. 

We unknowingly are surrounded by dangerous levels of EMF that can cause some serious health risks. Knowledge is necessary to protect ourselves and our families in the future from this.

Anyone who has ever seen a ghost hunting show on TV will know what an EMF meter is. An EMF meter is used to measure the electromagnetic field in the atmosphere, or "communicate" with spirits. What these actually should be used for is sweeping through a property to measure the levels of EMF. Every household appliance radiates EMF, though the levels should be very small. Use these meters to move around the property and carefully measure each source of electricity.

Concentrating on the EMF, also as seen and pointed out on TV that buildings with older or poorly shielded wiring can be the cause of high EMF. EMF can also be caused by WiFi, improperly grounded electrical, electrical boxes and cell phones to name a few. This can cause the creepy feeling people feel, nausea, and paranoia. This usually is used to explain away (debunk) most paranormal experiences people may have.

What most people don't know is repeated exposure to higher amounts of EMF is linked to but not limited to cancer, miscarriage, breast cancer, depression, and suicide. When paranormal teams find levels like this in someones home, there now in lies a responsibility to inform the homeowner.

Recommended way is to have some printed material on site to give to the homeowner.  This is something everyone should have regardless of high EMF on the property

It is encouraged for people to measure this in their homes. Not only for the sake of the paranormal. There are websites dedicated to explaining EMF in detail and how to minimize the exposure to it.