SB-7 Spirit Box And Why It Should Not Be Used

Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon is everywhere. As more and more people decide to start investigating the unknown, the latest and greatest gadgets are usually whats being used.

People blindly follow what is seen on TV, and they too want to use the same equipment. Take for example the simple and easy SB- 7 Spirit Box. The idea of simply scanning through the radio stations at a fast enough pace will of course make it impossible to get anything other than spirits speaking. If a voice carries through multiple stations then it must be paranormal and therefore real.

Here is the obvious problem that arises with using such a device. There will almost always be radio stations in an area where it is being used. This means there will always be interference, and people wanting to believe will mistake any sounds as something paranormal. Like the Ovilus, the SB-7 Spirit Box doesn't really deliver anything but a good show.

People unfamiliar to how EVPs were first captured will think this is the only way it works. The first EVPs were simply found using a recording device, and gradually moved on to different medias such as TVs, handheld recorders, camcorders, etc. Tube Televisions were used and left on stations that were nothing but white noise.

Certain areas of paranormal research can be best benefited by leaving it with these devices, and forgoing fads like the SB-7 Spirit Box. Instead of tuning through radio stations and having to decipher if it was real or a station, why not find a radio and just leave it on the same station that is nothing but white noise? No deciphering needed, and you'll be $90 richer.

roy weedmark

Paranormal Researcher, Tech Manager for the COPS CREW. Roy Weedmark is the owner of discover new worlds, and the author of paranormal blog