Equipment Review: EM Vortex

Generated electricity is said to increase paranormal activity. By giving the spirits more energy to feed from, spirits should in theory have more energy to interact with the living.


Enter the EM Vortex. Unlike the standard generators the EM Vortex has three hand wound coils that generates the vortex, instead of just a little pump inside that has to vibrate. Each mode has a variable pulse and rotation rate, which is great if you're trying to do some research into this theory.


While these devices can be great for some cases, be aware the range for such battery powered devices are only a few feet. These are still ideal as powered devices can cause false results, and possibly some medical side effects. Being one of the more powerful portable devices around, you really can't go wrong.


Running in eight AA batteries gives it a longer running time which is essential for those longer cases, and still lightweight enough to carry around if so desired.



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Devils Due..Why Do This to Us?


Devils Due is the new paranormal demon movie to hit the theatres. Devils Due is basically Rosemary's Baby reimagined. The movie follows a newly married couple who goes on their honeymoon and the crazy events that happen.


The plot is nothing new, its not even as good a Rosemary's Baby done in 1968. Its the same possessed person who gets crazy and kills everyone plot. About halfway through the movie I remember wanting the movie to be over, which is unusual due to the fact I love the horror, paranormal movie genre.


The camera work is done in the same tired first person view started by Blair Witch Project, just without the steadycam on. Anyone who gets nauseous with shaky camera work should avoid this movie at all costs. I usually can deal with first person and got nauseous during this movie.


In the end, I believe the Devil owes me my money back.

roy weedmark

Paranormal Researcher, Tech Manager for the COPS CREW. Roy Weedmark is the owner of discover new worlds, and the author of paranormal blog

Paranormal Equipment Review: I/R U/V Floodlight

Buying new equipment in the paranormal field without trying it first or having good reviews is a a good way to end up wasting a lot of hard earned money. Buying new gadgets that cost a lot of money that result in little to no positive results can make anyone not want to buy any more.

Until now most investigators will tell you they use a certain brand of lights, and that's it. It's true lights in the paranormal field can be very expensive with little to no running time, some requiring more time to charge than actual running time. The cost of batteries can be a real drain on any teams budget, especially when some lights only run for a few hours and require a slew of batteries to power them. 

Range is also very important when doing paranormal investigations. The ability to see all the way down the hallway instead of ten feet down the hallway can be the difference in catching what may be great evidence, or none at all. 

Well what kind of light to buy? There's so many in the market. U/V, I/R, White light, Full Spectrum and the list goes on and on. What if you're looking for a combination of these? Well one can always make a custom light, but that requires parts, time and know-how to do so. 

This is where the IR/UV Floodlight from comes in. This gem is packing 15 total 10 mm LEDS. With 8 10 mm I/R LEDS, and 7 10 mm U/V LEDS, this Floodlight eliminates the question of which kind of light to buy. 

Unlike other lights that  are just on and off, this beauty has a Hi-Lo switch. Taking it on several investigations this feature came in handy inside some if the largest buildings. Usually I use the same lights as everyone else does, but after the field test and longer battery running time than stated, I will be switching. The light states 4+ hours, I was easily able to get 7 hours and still have battery life left.



For the price versus the major brand of the paranormal field, I think I've found my new favorite toy.

*Note that I have not been paid nor do I work for Paranormalinvestigationsequipment

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Insidious 2

Finally the sequel to one of the better paranormal movies is here! If you haven't seen the first Insidious I highly recommend it. Its not your typical horror movie whatsoever and may spark a new generation of Horror movies.

The first installment of this series followed a family who the father and son have the ability to astral project. Without giving it away, they can go into the spirit realm, where spirits can see you've left your body and it becomes a race to make it back before they do!

A breath of fresh air is exactly what this genre needed and exactly what this series brings. The second installment begins where the first left off and goes into detail about the history of the family.

While not as good as the original (as they hardly ever are), Insidious Chapter 2 still brings the scares without the gore which is also a breath of fresh air. This thoughtful and highly original series should be on everyone's watch list!

Sleepy Hollow

The Headless Horseman Lives! In the new TV series called Sleepy Hollow on FOX, he is brought back to life, this time as a demon.

Tom Milson stars as Ichabod Crane who is resurrected  into the modern age by the good coven. He is the only man that can stop The Headless Horseman. Nicole Beharie plays Lt. Abbie Mills who helps him combat the evil Coven operating in Sleepy Hollow. Its a good take on good versus evil in the occult world.

If you are a fan of fantasy, the occult or these fabled characters, this is the show for you. The only downside for me is that it seems the show is trying too hard to be like Haven that airs on the SYFY channel. Which I am a huge fan of. Where's the downside you ask? Theres not much of a downside, I just cherish originality.

I would still recommend the show to anyone who likes the genre.

Ghost Mine

With a overfilled and overbooked TV genre, Ghost Mine is somewhat of a breathe of fresh air. With everyone investigating the same locations with the same equipment, at least this show decided to do something a little different. 

As the name implies, mines are getting investigated instead of homes and businesses. If there are indeed spirits and ghosts, there's no better place than old mines where people died from accidents all the time. Places like California and Arizona would be perfect for a show like this.  

While there is paranormal investigations on the show, the show spends a lot of time giving the history of the mine and the surrounding area.  

Like Ghost Adventures the show does try to do experiments, although not really new its more than most groups try. 

For fans of the paranormal looking for something new, check this show out on SYFY